Five Tips to Increase Your Site's SEO Ranking

Anyone who owns a website strives to increase their website ranking and improve their SEO (search engine optimization), but there is no guaranteed way to do this. However, if you follow these five tips, your website will have a better chance ranking higher up in various search engine results.

Create Significant Content

If there was just one thing you could to enhance your website ranking, it would be to create consistent and relevant content for your audience. There are many reasons why quality content helps your website but the biggest takeaway is that it actually increases user traffic which in turn, also helps enhance your website's relevance and authority.

In order to create quality content, you must think about the reader and what they are most likely searching to find your page. You should use keyword phrases throughout your content to help match the search terms the reader is potentially using. You will want to use a variety of these keyword phrases in the opening and closing paragraphs, heading tags, and consistently throughout the content. You can also highlight your keywords with italics and bold to emphasize these phrases.

The best tip is to always make sure you are writing for your audience, you never want to overdo it and you certainly don't want to compromise your writing for SEO.

Consistently Publish Content

It is true that content is king and your website's relevancy relies on it. Search engines are always checking your website for fresh content and consistent updates.


Metadata is used in web design to provide detailed information about your page contents such as titles, descriptions and keywords. This data is important for SEO.

Title Metadata is the most significant as it tells search engines what the page titles and headings are. This is important because headings show up as the headline in search engine results and titles are visible at the top of the browser when you hover over your browser tab. You always want to make sure this information is relevant to your website and location so when people are searching, your website has a better chance of ranking higher.

Description Metadata should be more detailed as it typically shows up under the headline in search results. This information should be short and sweet, no longer than two sentences, while describing the page content and encouraging the user to click the link to read more.

Keyword Metadata is not that important for your website rankings, but with that said, you know what keyword phrases you are using in the content, so you might as well add them to your keyword data. Again, you don't want to overdo it, but it's smart to use various phrases since you never know exactly what someone might be searching for.

Create Relevant Links

Another way to help improve your website ranking is by adding relevant links to the content. This is a good time to remember your keywords and link those keywords to appropriate pages on your website.

We have all seen “click here” links before, but this adds zero value for search engines. If you are writing about a specific topic, brand or service, and you have other pages on your website to compliment your content, you can pick out keywords and add descriptive links to other content pages. Not only will this provide value since your reader can learn more about your brand, but this will also greatly enhance your SEO.

Alt Tags

Alt tags are alternative text descriptions used to provide descriptions for all images and videos within your content pages. This is very important for anyone using screen readers or text-only browsers and they help search engines find your webpage among the millions of other web pages. Alt tags should always be as descriptive as possible if you want your page to rank higher.

There are many different ways to enhance your SEO and improve your website ranking in search engine results. If you're not sure where to begin, follow these five tips to get started. Even though you may not see results right away, your website's relevancy will improve and your ranking will pick up over time.